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My GSOC'19 Final Report Summary Of My Contributions To DefectDojo Project

My GSOC'19 Final Report Summary Of My Contributions To DefectDojo Project

DefectDojo is an open source vulnerability management tool and it is used as the backbone for security programs. It helps you keep proper record and management of your Product Testing Engagements for easy review and recall. DefectDojo streamlines the application security testing process by offering features such as importing third-party security findings, merging and deduping, integration with Jira, templating, report generation and security metrics. My contribution to this Project all through the period of GSOC as stated in my proposal is focused on writing as much Unit Tests as I can that is needed. The following sections will be summary of all my contributions:


- NAME --> **OWASP Foundation**
- PROJECT CATEGORY --> **DefectDojo**
- MENTORS --> 
    - Aaron Weaver
    - Matt Tesauro

- Full Name --> **Samuel Ameh**
- Email --> ****
- Address --> **Lagos, Nigeria**
- Institution --> **University Of Nigeria, Nsukka**
-  Department  --> **Computer Science**

Implemented Import Scanners

Implemented Unit Tests

Contributed Enhancements to Project

Other Bugs Fixed And Contributions Made

Thanks for going through this report. Any question you may have can be sent to me directly through any of my available social media handles or you can just leave a comment below. :D

Also, please do reach out to me if there are any changes, update or fix that you think I need to make to this report.

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