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#2 An Open Diary Of A Young Tech Enthusiast — My Journey to Discovering The World Of Tech

#2 An Open Diary Of A Young Tech Enthusiast — My Journey to Discovering The World Of Tech


Wednesday; 13–02–2019. Dear future me, please I would start again by reminding you why we agreed to write this diary series. This is a diary note for Me and you with the aim of maintaining our focus and motivation on our big dreams. A quick read through any of these diary series should serve as source of motivation and encouragement to tell how far we have come and how much more we are yet to attain. We only agreed to make this an open diary because we think it might also be helpful to someone else out there who just needs a form of encouragement or assurance that they are headed somewhere and should not give up yet. I am very certain that by the time you come back to glance through this post you are already far much better than we were ,now, when I/we wrote this Diary note. Finally, please do try to reach back to me, from the future, if you ever get the means to.


The world of tech is kind of like a large world and at the same time still seems like a small village, I kind of find this difficult to understand but that’s just the fun of it. You don’t really have to understand everything before you start to perform wonders or make sense out of it. Sometimes we techies just prefer to call ourselves magicians, come to think of it that’s actually who we are..loll. We just conjure up some form of jinxed words/instructions (called codes/programs) and direct it at a technical device (computer machine) and just there right before us we see it begin to do wonders that even we, the conjurer (programmer/coder/designer/technician), don’t even fully understand how this device even understands us in the first place. Most of what goes on in the world of tech all seems abstract and overwhelming for the ordinary mind to comprehend (mostly, on a first encounter, but with time it all begins to add up to make sense gradually). Many years ago, it was a must for people to understand even the deepest low level concept(s) from the top to the very bottom of it all (the 0’s and 1’s) but today the tech community has made things way more easier and concepts are now laid on the high level. Low level concepts have been made abstract and almost rendered obsolete that we don’t even need to go any more deep before we can perform excess wonders and make the world better with technology.


Technology just keep on making the wold better each and every passing day. I don’t need to start emphasizing how it has improved every sector of the economy of the world, be it transportation, communication, finance, Security, Military, psychology, Politics, and so on. Technology is just everywhere, I can’t even begin to imagine enough the type of inventions and improvements technology has made over there in your current time in the future. With all this said, In this diary note, I would like to point out and refresh your memory how we got started in the matters of tech so you can see how far you’ve gone from when we started.


From my fading memory, I think I can recall that our first day of hearing anything more techie than just learning to operate or fix a technical device, can be traced back to the university in 2014, our first day in a class with some other computer science students. We were brought together by a final year student, who was about to graduate, who introduced himself as ‘emperor’. He started by telling us about life in the university and how we are to corporate and help ourselves and how we should take our studies seriously and so many other stuffs like that. Then he talked about programming languages and coding and other tech stuffs that we are going to encounter in our course of study. This felt new and interesting to us. Where we now got confused and scared (our head started turninoniown) was when he started talking about java programming language in one of his meetings with us. He just wrote a simple hello world program on a white marker board …

package hello;

public class HelloWorld {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        System.out.println("Hello World!");    

... and that was it, that was literally how our processing system and understanding of computers rebooted. We knew from that moment, (that oboy!, we never start anything at all), that we are yet to tap into the great signs and wonders that a computer device really has to offer us.

That was a turning point of our understanding of the true use and purpose of a computer device. We became very curious and at the same time kept wondering how anyone will ever be able to learn and master all those chunks of gibberish in their head. It all seemed very impossible at first but still, there was a part of us that was ready to venture into this ‘world of impossibilities’ as we termed it, and that was how we discovered and triggered our deep interest and love for matters of tech. Definitely this path wasn’t an easy one for us at all. There where times we doubted in ourselves that there is no way we would go anywhere with this but through the doubts and points of surrender we always came out victorious and this definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the support and encouragement we got from some few others around us who shared the same ambition, determination and interest with us. And together we moved forward and got better each and every passing day. Whenever any one of us felt like giving up, together we reignited the fire and moved on helping and encouraging ourselves along the way. I think we should write more on this in the next diary note.


Even after over four(4) years of being in tech, I don't consider myself any super bad ass [I don't know of how far you are by now and what level you see yourself]. But, One thing I have learnt so far and would like to remind you now, in case you may have forgotten, is that when it comes to matters of tech we are all learners, we are always learning. Learning and researching never ends, new things come up each and every passing day in the tech world and you need to always stay abreast all this rapidly moving train of Info by actually fetching the piece that is for you, You definitely can't know it all. The moment you think you have reached the apex and there's nothing more to learn or be aware of, that just means you have gotten to the highest peak and there is no where else to go but down, that is the time you begin to depreciate and fall backward while the world of tech just keeps moving forward leaving you behind. Finally, I urge you to never forget to give back to the community that gave to you by contributing to the events that brought you to where you are today.

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