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#1 An Open Diary Of A Young Tech Enthusiast — Everything has a beginning

#1 An Open Diary Of A Young Tech Enthusiast — Everything has a beginning


Tuesday; 12–02–2019. Hey! future me, remember we agreed to start this series for ourselves with the aim of re-motivating and refocusing our efforts back to our big goals. Should there be any reason for us to doubt our potentials, a quick glance back through these series should rekindle that fire in us. We only agreed to make this an open diary because we think that whatever we write about now, might be what someone else out there just needs to fire on and keep hopes high. I hope by the time you come back to glance through this post you are already far much better than we were ,now, when I/we wrote this Diary note.##

…I have requested for this before and will likely keep on asking for it in other diary notes We write. If a time machine is ever invented in our life time and you have access to one, please do try to reach out to me, I really long to here from you to know how far we’ve gone.



As the sub-title states, truly everything has a beginning and it would be great if we never forget our humble beginnings because this is a major yardstick to measure our progress so far all through the years. Our beginning help us to know how far we’ve come from where we started. So standing on this already established premise, we would now roll back our story back in time to the 18th of January 1997 when we first entered into this world…and then there were these scary faces all staring at us and a very huge hand holding us. We were so scared at this strange land we found ourselves, away from our beloved warm and peaceful wherever it is we where before we came out here.


Now all covered in some strange liquid, we couldn’t express ourselves in any other way but some musical melody which they called crying……M just kidding…shae, someone cannor play with you again..definitely we weren’t that conscious to know what happened to us then.


We agreed to trace our story back 12 yrs ago, to the year 2007, that day we had a visitor all the way from Abuja, Nigeria. who spent some days with us for business matters. That evening when he brought out a Dell Latitude Laptop, it’s a very old system now. (that system was like the big boys system of those days ooo)..It had that beautiful pink flower wallpaper on the screen. That was our first encounter of what a computer system looked like.


We felt a connection but we didn’t dare touch that diamond so as not to get into trouble. That day we wished and prayed that we would some day get one of such device that would be ours.

Fast forward some months later, we discovered we weren’t the only one who had interest in getting such device. Dad also wanted one for himself even though he had no idea what he was going to do with it when he got it but he went on to get a device for himself anyways which was mounted in his room. This was not a laptop but a (Vacuum tube) Pentium IV Dell Desktop Computer System. it’s more like this kind of setup..


It wasn’t as portable as the laptop but at least it’s a computer system and something to start with and that was how we finally got access to a computer device of our own that we could start tinkering with. Even though at first, knowing fully well that we had no prior knowledge on how to operate a device like this, dad was very protective of his device and tried to make sure we don’t get access to it. But then he was surprised one day when he discovered that we already learnt on our own, whenever he is not around, how to operate this device and do some basic stuffs which kind of looked complex to him and so that was how he handed his precious device over to us to handle and make more improvements.


Let’s Fast forward once more to the year 2009, when we just finished Junior Secondary School (at Ransome kuti memorial Junior grammar school) and waiting to be enrolled into senior secondary school, dad registered us for a three(3) months training program (Diploma in Desktop Publishing), in a computer center (GTech Global Institute) at ojuelegba, Lagos state, Nigeria. During this program we were thought how to use some computer softwares, (like Adobe Page Maker, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop 7, and coreldraw12). We found these tools very engaging and interesting to use then and we were proud of what we could do with them, we went back home and tirelessly played with this tools conjuring all forms of funny and probably terrible looking inventions ahahha.

..did this a lot.. :D transfer13.png

Out of all the tools we were thought, we found Microsoft Office Word the more useful as we started typing lots and lots of documents for Dad with it. At first it took us very long hours to type just a single page but with time we got better and faster especially with the help of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 16 Software Program.


Jumping again through time to the year, 2013, when we finished Senior Secondary School with the award of the best graduating student Set of 2012 from Ransome kuti memorial senior grammar school, we were getting better on how to use a computer system and then the interest came for us to also learn how to repair this type of devices when they get faulty and so Dad enrolled us again to another Computer Training center, Compact Technology (C.T.) computer institute at Ojuelegba, surulere, Lagos, where we registered for a six(6) month program, certificate in Desktop and Laptop Repairs.

During this program we got to understand how a computer works, it’s boot process and all the devices that make up a working computer and also how to troubleshoot each and every part of a computer to discover and fix/replace any faulty part of a laptop or desktop device. Doing this triggered lots of happiness within us and this further made us agree to select Computer Science as our first and only preferred course of choice while preparing for our JAMB examination to be enrolled into the university. We hoped to learn more about computer systems in the university(college). We finally made all our papers and we were admitted to the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka to study our dream course which lasted four(4) years starting from October, 2014 to August 2018.


Through out all this period, we never knew what was programming/coding, we never heard about data science, or website development, or machine learning, or software development, engineering, or architecture. We never knew any advance tech concept until we got to the university. Even though the university still did not really teach us these things but we got to know about them with the help of awesome friends and course mates we came across in school. Each and everyone, they all had one instrumental impact in our life in one way or the other, we definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without them . This note is already too long for me to start listing names.

Wrap Up

Wow, I never knew we could write any blog post this long. Chaii!!. Well, it's not really a blog post to us but a diary containing our beginning story. How we were privileged to get access to a computer system of our own at that young age. Well, we can see now how all this events, occurrences and experiences have helped shaped us into who we are today, at this moment and who we would be tomorrow. So now you won't forget but will always remember that what got you to that very position and heights you are now, is as a result of this history summarized above. There is just one thing that will always keep on hunting us whenever we think of it, and that is, the fact that no one ever told us anything about coding/programming right from that early age we started to use a computer system. Well, it's a good thing today that even little kids are now being introduced into the world of coding. If only we were given this privilege then, we definitely would have gone farther than where we are today and probably where we would ever be tomorrow.

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