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#0: An Open Diary Of A Young Tech Enthusiast - An Appreciation of the Awesome Tech Community

#0: An Open Diary Of A Young Tech Enthusiast - An Appreciation of the Awesome Tech Community


11–02–2019 Hey! future me, remember we agreed to start this series for 3 of us (me, myself and I). To help re motivate and refocus our efforts back to our big goals just in case we feel like giving up on those big dreams of ours, a glance through these series should rekindle that fire in us, and also to measure how far we've come. Regardless of the fact that we decided to make this diary open, just in case there is someone out there like us, passing through the same challenge we experienced, but this diary series is written mainly for us first, [Me,now and You,then]. I hope you are now far much better than you were when I/we wrote this Diary note. ..if in anyway you finally get access any technology in the future that can enable your reach back in time, please do well to reach out to me and update me of our future events and turnouts.

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Starting this diary series is actually a big move for me. First of all my commitment to this is actually for myself before anything else. I'm not committing to this series for any other desire but my self development and as the title states, this series will just be like a diary i keep for myself where I note things about myself for future reference to measure where I started from and how far I've come. There are many of us out there that have gone so far and so advance in our careers that we've forgotten we all had a starting point. Many have even forgotten what it's like to be a beginner in the field they have gotten so good at now that they look down on the starters they see around and can't even make out time to nurture them and bring them up to speed.


There are also awesome people out there who have fully dedicated their lives to taking beginners along and guiding them through the hard and rough times of the learning process. This set of people always remember what it's like to be a beginner. They know and understand the patience and struggles that comes with being a beginner. I'm so glad this kind of people are rampant in the Tech field. They are there to guide beginners as mentors, provide necessary materials needed to speed up the learning and development process and hold our hands through the tough times giving us motivating words of encouragement to not give up yet, "..for there is light just outside the tunnel", they say, "…perseverance brings success and accomplishment", they say, "…just endure through a little longer and never give up and soon enough you too will be an expert and get to that level of ease and speed, and by then you will also look back to see the beginners coming just behind after you.".

…For this I really love the Tech Community. Many that succeed also want to see others succeed, and this is why we pull and push ourselves forward unto greater heights as we develop and sharpen our skills together with the numerous learning resources we push out there, (videos, books, blogs, write-ups, tutorials, meetups, conventions, etc.). From all this, I think I can boldly say that, " THE TECH ECOSYSTEM is the best community anyone can ever be part of and the good news is, It is open to everyone. "



All through this diary series, we agreed to write about our journey through tech. At this moment in time we've not really gone that far but we already have stories to tell which is what we would be sharing in the diary series that will follow this. With the way tech is growing really fast and the world is getting more advance in technology everyday. Please, In case a time machine is invented by anyone or a piece of technology that can enable you chat with someone in the past is invented please do well to message me from the future I'm really eager to know what became of us in that future time from now. :)


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